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Eating Out Meat Free, Nicole Eats Video Series, Quick Bites

Check Out My Recent Live Stream on Blab!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of participating in my very first live stream via BLAB! My underarms were sweating like crazy, but I overcame and came out a VICTOR! I had an awesome time sharing An Experience Junkie’s Guide to Travel with Eva Jordan-Johnson of During our discussion, I shared 4 tips on how an experience junkie, like myself, can have a productive travel experience. I will be making another blog post that goes into more detail about those tips, but for now, please check out the video below. Be sure to sign in to your Twitter or Facebook account to view the video.





Eating Out Meat Free, Nicole Eats Video Series, Quick Bites

Video: Vegetarian Eating at Orlando’s Marlow’s Tavern

I was recently invited to try a few vegetarian items at Orlando’s newest Marlow’s Tavern location in Waterford Lakes. I’m not usually one for chain restaurants, but Marlow’s chef driven menu makes it a spot for some top notch eats. During my visit, I sampled the amazing asparagus fries and the house-made black bean veggie burger. Both are great options for vegetarians who want a cool place to grab drinks and chill with friends. For more details about my visit to Marlow’s Tavern, be sure to read my recent blog post.