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Eating My City, Eating Out Meat Free

My Top 10 Meatless Eating Adventures of 2015 (in pictures)

As 2015 comes to a close, I couldn’t leave it behind without making a list of some of my most awesome food experiences the year brought my way. From tacos to empanadas and French toast to Ethiopian cuisine, Central Florida showed me just how diverse and amazing it can be when it comes to vegetarian and vegan options. Without further ado, and in no particular order, I present my list of awesomeness! (Be sure to click the titles for more information.)

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Eating My City, Eating Out Meat Free, Vegetarian

Whitewood Grill’s Medina Veggie Flatbread was the Perfect Way to Get Through Jury Duty

This past week, I participated in what many tried very hard to convince me was an honor. I was a “willing” participant in jury duty. Although I was quite happy to be doing something out of the ordinary on a random Monday, that happiness quickly turned into disappointment once my juror number was called to participate on what would become a 3-day trial. But with my ability and knack for thinking quick on my feet, I immediately had an idea that would turn my bag of lemons into a perfectly-made pitcher of lemonade. I would document my time in downtown Orlando the best way I knew how: through food! With little thought, I quickly chose Orange Avenue’s Whitewood Modern Mediterranean Grill to begin my meat-free journey through downtown Orlando, and what a great decision it was!

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