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Veggie Hash at Alexandria, VA’s Del Ray Cafe

Over the Christmas holiday, I visited Del Ray Cafe for a Sunday brunch to remember.

Since my not-so tasty vegetarian hash experience a few weeks ago, I have been looking for an opportunity to try the dish again. I wanted to give you an example of veggie hash done right. So when my parents took me on my final food outing in Virginia to Del Ray Cafe, I jumped for joy when I saw the dish on the menu.

Located in beautiful Alexandria, the cafe is co-owned by Laurent Janowsky, who is from France. This is an important detail because it explains why the mini croissant that accompanied my meal was so good and was so spot-on French! Anyway, Del Ray is situated on a side street just off a really busy road. It is a two-story farmhouse, which makes it really easy to think that it is just another home. What I really liked about the cafe is that its menu is made from locally-sourced ingredients.

I started my meal with my Sunday brunch usual, a Bloody Mary. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but I will say that the celery stick was really good. Then, it was go time. Before my veggie hash arrived, I thankfully caught the waiter and asked if potatoes came with the dish. I hadn’t remembered it saying so in the description. I was right. It didn’t. So, I ordered a side dish of potatoes. I must say that not having potatoes in a hash seemed really odd to me. It was quite disappointing.

The veggies in the hash included zucchini, squash, red peppers, and onions. It had the makings of an amazing dish… well once I added those potatoes on top. Sadly, it just didn’t hit the mark. It was quite bland. I think the worst part is that it was also oily. I was so happy for that mini croissant. It made everything else worthwhile.

I will say that my parents really enjoyed their meals. My dad had a smoked salmon dish and my mom had the eggs benedict.

Be sure to take a look at the pictures below. For more information about Del Ray Cafe, visit

Del Ray CafeDel Ray CafeDel Ray CafeDel Ray CafeDel Ray CafeDel Ray CafeDel Ray CafeDel Ray Cafe Del Ray CafeDel Ray Cafe




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