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Vegetarian Hash at Hash House Had So Much Potential, but…

A great Sunday brunch at Hash House was just not meant to be.

Leading up to my visit to Hash House, I was granted two signs that it wasn’t going to be the great food experience that I was hoping for, and both times I brushed it off and continued to forge ahead. The consensus from both signs was that 1. a lot of food came with each order and 2. it just wasn’t good food.

Hash House is located on International Drive, also known as Orlando’s tourist paradise. This should have been my sign 3. I was still team Hash House as I excitedly ordered my Bloody Mary, which was awesome, and when the veggie hash was finally placed before me, my excitement went up 2.5 levels.

The veggie hash had some really great ingredients: spinach, artichoke, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and potatoes. There was absolutely no reason why this dish should not have been the most amazing thing I’ve had. But, it wasn’t. It was so disappointing. The spinach was so overcooked that I didn’t even try to taste it. The artichoke, which should have been a powerhouse of taste, was bland. There was absolutely no taste at all. I was hoping that the sun-dried tomatoes would be the saving grace, but it too was tasteless. I ended up picking at the biscuit, which was quite large but tasty.

If you’ve had a different experience at Hash House, please let me know. I could’ve just gone on a bad Sunday.

See the pics below from my visit. I promise that they are much more appetizing than the actual meal. For more information on Hash House visit

Hash HouseHash House






Hash HouseHash House




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