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Family Dinner and Fall Menu at Seasons 52

Before leaving after a short visit, my mom invited my nephew and I out for a Friday evening dinner at Seasons 52.

If you’ve never had the “opportunity” to fight through traffic on a Friday night on Sandlake Road, you surely haven’t lived. Sandlake Road, aka Restaurant Row, is filled with popular places to eat in the city. The area has a great mix of chain and locally owned restaurants, and is one of my favorite places to try a new restaurant. This night, however, we were there for one of our tried and true places to eat: Seasons 52.

Here’s the thing about Seasons 52: I have both a love and hate relationship with it. I absolutely love the food. It is always fresh, flavorful, health conscious, and uses great ingredients. The thing that I really don’t like about the restaurant is that (and please don’t judge me for this) the portions are normal sized. I have yet to leave that place with leftovers. The entrees are just enough to satisfy my hunger without me feeling over stuffed and slightly sickened by my extended belly. This is exactly the way Seasons 52 wanted it to be. And honestly, it’s the best way to eat. But dang it, when I go out to dinner I want to have leftovers. I must have leftovers. It’s sort of a rule of mine. But I digress.

My meal that evening was amazing. We started off with a flatbread appetizer that was topped with roasted roma tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, parmesan, and basil. It was really good. For my entree, I hada dish of caramelized grill sea scallops that sat atop butternut squash and leek risotto. It was amazingly flavorful. The scallops were cooked perfectly. In fact, that was the first time that I had scallops that were cooked correctly. You don’t know how many times I’ve ordered scallops at a seafood restaurant and was met with a chewy mess. These scallops melted in my mouth. Paired with the creaminess of the risotto, it was simply magical. We, of course, ended the evening with dessert! Season’s 52 has a long list of what they call mini indulgences. They are tiny glasses filled with sweet, goodness. I had my usual: pecan pie, and, as usual, it was the perfect ending.

Be sure to take a look at the pictures from my visit!

I finished off the evening with a mini pecan pie. Talk about delicious.

This was so good. I was full half way through but just could not stop eating. I finished the entire dish.

We started the night off with a roasted roma tomato topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, parmesan, and basil.

The flatbread was big but with 3 of us, it was just enough.












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