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You can’t “beet” this veggie burger

McDonalds Quarter Pounder, meet my Quarter Pounder Beet Burger!

Well, it’s not my Quarter Pounder Beet Burger. I wish that I could take credit for this beyond amazingly, awesome recipe, but I can’t. I did, however, make it all by myself. That should count for something, right.

When I was a meat eater, the Quarter Pounder with cheese was my favorite thing to eat on the McDonalds menu. It came in that box that made it seem 10 times better than the regular old burgers wrapped in paper. So, when I came across the recipe for the Quarter Pounder Beet Burger on one of my favorite vegan recipe sites, Post Punk Kitchen, I jumped right in.

Here is what I loved about the burger:

  • The burgers are gigantic. The recipe states that it only makes 4, but I’ve been able to make at least 6.
  • The almond butter in the recipe adds a nice touch of sweetness.
  • The red color of the beets really makes it look like you are using ground beef making it quite easy to trick unsuspecting, picky eaters.
  • The ingredient list is pretty short, making it an easy recipe to follow.

Not-so lovely things about the burger:

  • I still haven’t been able to make my burgers stay together. They pretty much fall apart in the bun.
  • You have to prepare some of the ingredients at least a day in advance. (Sorry about that. You may have to make it a meatless Tuesday, instead.)
  • I seem to always have a lot of the brown rice and lentils leftover. What on earth is a girl to do with a big pot of rice and lentils?

Lastly, the recipe suggests Isa’s (creator of Post Punk Kitchen) Baked Garlic Curry Fries, but I opt for a bag of Alexia’s Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Seasoned Fries (you can find them at Publix and Whole Foods). Also, to take the health meter of this recipe to a level 10, be sure to use whole wheat or whole grain buns (preferably all-natural with no preservatives) to encase your beet burger.

You can find the complete recipe here:

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