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So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert

I am not much of a fan of ice cream. Since being diagnosed as lactose intolerant a number of years ago, I kicked the habit of eating the stuff and for years had convinced myself that I didn’t like it. Who was I fooling? After years of being off the wagon, a taste of So Delicious’ take on ice cream got me hooked… again.

Where do I begin? If you’ve ever taken a gooey, chocolaty brownie, added just the right amount of coconut milk to it, and churned it all together until it was smooth as it could possibly be, then you’ve experienced my favorite So Delicious flavor. It is simply called ‘chocolate.’ So Delicious was my first experience with vegan ice cream, so for my first try I went in pretty easy with the chocolate flavor. I still remember the richness of the chocolate and its smooth texture. You know when something tastes so good that before swallowing you hold whatever it is in your mouth and let the flavors consume your taste buds? I did this with each and every spoonful. I liked it so much that within two days I had finished the entire pint all by my little ol’ self. I was and still am slightly embarrassed by this. If you should decide to eat the entire pint by yourself, don’t worry. Each So Delicious product is certified vegan and dairy free. There is no shame in that!

So Delicious includes products that are both coconut milk based and almond milk based. They also have a line of certified organic products. The brand is available at Publix Supermarkets and Whole Foods. Whole Foods seems to have a larger selection of options. Let me warn you up front: the products are pretty pricey. Be prepared to spend between $4 and $6.

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