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Family dinner at Yard House

A random Sunday afternoon with not much on the agenda is always a great time to sneak in a meal with family.

My parents would soon be heading back to their home in Virginia, while in just a few weeks, my nephew would be on his way to college. It was the perfect opportunity to grab dinner before everyone headed in separate directions and went back to life as usual.

As most who have dealt with the family dinner outing know, the most important question after deciding on the day and time is the all-consuming question of where. Where will we eat that will satisfy everyone’s wants and desires? Thankfully, my family has an unwritten list of places that has the Jackson family seal of approval. They are those places that don’t need much discussion, only the necessary answers to when and at what time. For us, those places include the locally-owned brunch spot on Winter Park’s Park Avenue, the chain restaurant that serves hearty country-style breakfast but does a great job of having an “only my town” feel, and then “our” seafood spot that never seems to disappoint.

Frustratingly at first, but then thankfully later, no one was really in the mood for any of our go-tos, which meant that we had to do the what-place-will- a-group-of-6-people enjoy tango. I was gung ho for Thai… all by myself. Others were in the mood for soul food. I didn’t have the desire to consume greasy fried foods. It took some time, but we finally decided on Yard House, a place that was new to us all.

Located on International Drive, the newly built Yard House is very trendy but down to earth. If that makes sense. It has high ceilings and a bar that takes up the center of the restaurant. The coolest thing are the tubes that flow into the bar’s beer taps, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where they went. Although the food was good, unsurprisingly my drink was what grabbed my attention and made me vow that I would soon return again.

Without further ado, here’s what I had on my plate:

  • Appetizer: Lobster, Crab, and Artichoke Dip with baked pita
  • Drink: Hawaiian Mule made with Skyy Infusions Pineapple Vodka and house-made ginger beer (this was so good, and made me a total fan of drinks with ginger beer!)
  • Main Entree: Crab Cake Sandwich with Truffle Fries

Scroll through the pics to see my yummy evening of dinner with my family.


Yard House is a mix of trendy and a down to earth feel. I went with my family, but it could be the perfect girl's night out or a date spot.

Up close and personal with the crab cake sandwich. It was a little on the dry side but I would definitely give them another chance to make it up to me.

I call this the perfect pairing: great sandwich with even better fries!

A yummy side of guacamole with chips.

Lobster, Crab, and Artichoke Dip with baked pita: it's even better than it looks!

My mom and dad toasting to a great evening.

This mule made with vodka and ginger beer was so refreshing.

Yard House

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