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Video: Buffalo Cauliflower Bites at Daya

In this episode, watch as Daya Chef Hector shows me how he makes one of my favorite dishes at the restaurant, Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. If you were (or still are) a fan of buffalo chicken wings, this is such a great alternative! Spice, crunch, and the accompanying blu cheese dressing (which is vegan too!) will make you forget all about the meat option.

For more information about Daya, visit:

Be sure to watch Part 1 of my visit to Daya, where I help make Crab-less Cakes!

Eating Meat Free, Eating My City, Eating Out Meat Free, Vegan

Introducing Central Florida’s Newest Vegan Restaurant: Daya!

There’s a new vegan restaurant in town, and it is so good! I am both happy and excited to introduce to you Daya, which is described as “an upscale, 100% plant based restaurant.” Located in the city of Winter Park, I can tell you that Daya is definitely different from your ordinary vegan restaurant. From the beautiful layout and design of the restaurant to the attention paid to the plating of the food, I am quite excited to see Daya flourish into Central Florida’s new “it” place for meat-free dining.

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Eating My City, Eating Out Meat Free, Vegan

The Thai Tea Milkshake w/ Almond Milk was the Star at Sleeping Moon Cafe

I lucked up on Winter Park’s Sleeping Moon Cafe through a series of unfortunate events. If things had gone as I had planned the day before I took my most recent meat-free food adventure, it would have probably been months before I even heard about the cafe. But thankfully, two locally-owned vegetarian friendly restaurants that I had visited before and was excited about sharing with you, just did not display the type of customer service that made me comfortable to dine there. So, I left. Both places. Without hesitation. After my second “walk out,” I did a quick Foursquare search and Sleeping Moon Cafe popped up in the search results, and the rest was history.

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Eating My City, Eating Out Meat Free, Vegan

Ethos Offers the Best Vegan Brunch with its Breakfast Burrito, French Toast, and Biscuits & Gravy

A few weeks ago, a follower of my Facebook page reached out to me and asked if we could meet up and have a chat at one of my favorite restaurants. Sure! I responded. That was the easy part. Selecting the restaurant was the hard part, because whatever place I chose would either confirm my prowess as a foodie or completely invalidate this idea that I have of myself (and that I hope others have of me). There were so many unanswered questions: would I take her to a vegan restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant, or to a regular restaurant with vegan and/or vegetarian dishes? Would we go for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner? Whatever place I chose, it had to be a great representative of me. It took some time for me to come to my senses, but when I did, Ethos Vegan Kitchen was waiting right there for me, right under my nose.

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Eating My City, Eating Out Meat Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Winter Park’s Prato Offers Great Italian Food for Both Vegetarians and Vegans

To say that I had been dying to go to Prato would be an understatement. It was probably about two years ago that I was walking with my family down Winter Park’s trendy and upscale Park Ave, when either my nephew offered or I suggested that he get me a gift card to one of the many restaurants that lined the street. Either way, he obliged and for the last few years, I have had my Prato gift card packed safely away waiting for the perfect moment to use it. This past Friday, I decided that it was time, so I took the day off from work and tried the vegan and vegetarian side of Prato, and loved every bite!

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